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About SENSE Class

Learn English and Discover the World of Science at the same time…


If your child is bored with traditional English classes,

or if you are looking for a program to help improve creativity & critical thinking,

Global Education Center proudly brings to your kids a brand new program – SENSE! It not only focuses on English, but also brings knowledge into real practice through exciting experiments, to let students explore their own world.

What is SENSE?

Special English & Science Enrichment Program (S.E.N.S.E.) is a very unique Dual Stream English & Science Enrichment program geared towards 3rd – 9th grade students.

Class is designed 2 hours per session that will bring on

  • Part 1 (English) – Read about news from around the world (health, politics, technology, culture…
  • Part 2 (Science) – Learn about Science principles and apply them in practical, hands-on experiments designed with international school quality standards. Safe, easy to understand and fun!

Duration: Total 4 weeks – 2 days/week – 2 hours/day.

Maximum 8 students per class.


  • Qualified materials based on the world-renowned IB curriculum that will provide an in-depth inquiry type of learning with global significance.
  • 100% native English teachers, expertly trained in modern methodology, experienced in international schools such as SSIS, BIS, AIS, ISHCMC, AMIS
  • Active, creative study environment; sufficient facilities.
  • Global village, multi-cultural students and teachers

What student might gain during SENSE class?

  • Get necessary skills and in-depth understanding of scientific theories and the opportunity to experience its practical applications in the areas of Biology, Chemistry & Physics.
  • Develop reading and writing skills via lab manual literature & report writing
  • Explore, take into account their prior experience and understanding as well as drill them with concepts & powerful ideas that has significance in today’s modern world.

What is special in SENSE class?

Reading part:

  • Reading for meaning (context)
  • Reading to develop enthusiasm and curiosity
  • Informative & Creative Thinking
  • Develop Critical thinking
  • Literature-based Reading

Writing part:

  • Literary skills development (plot, character, punctuation, voice)
  • Writing from Reading (fiction/non-fiction books) – book reports
  • Writing about current events (world, politics, health, technology, people,etc.)
  • Writing from movie adaptation (film reviews)
  • Grammar & Spelling development

Science part:

  • Tailor-made Study Modules
  • Inquiry-based approach to lean Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Safe & Tested Laboratory materials and procedure
  • Guided Lab practice with independent/group opportunities
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